Cloud App Services

Cloud app services provide low-cost, highly scalable solutions enabling you to move your business processes online.

Why Cloud Applications?

  • 99.99% Guaranteed Uptime – 24/7 with minimal running costs.
  • Maximum accessibility from any computer or mobile device. 
  • Instant software updates – no downloads necessary.
  • Reach international customers – unlimited scalability using Amazon Web Services.
  • Consultation available today!

Our Cloud App Services


New Applications

Cloud based software is our speciality – we examine your requirements, assess whether you are ready for the cloud and build reliable data-driven applications that scale with you.

Existing Application

Is your existing software limited to a single device? By moving your software to the cloud, your existing infrastructure can be optimised – saving you time and money. Maintenance, management hassles and downtime can be eliminated while utilising enterprise-class proven facilities that fit your budget.


The cloud can provide new opportunities for your business to combine your separate applications – each deployed with a single click. Your software can be hosted in-house or may utilise our own facilities to best suit your needs.


Application Migration

We can move your existing software infrastructure to the cloud without costing a fortune. Our knowledge and expertise makes providing a cloud-enabled layer between your software and the internet trivial, avoiding extensive and unnecessary redevelopment costs.