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Cloud based software provides a reliable, secure and cost effective platform for enhancing your business. By using the latest tools and procedures, Unified Computing can help you to discover your business potential. Our specialized team analyses your existing business structure and software to determine how you can take advantage of the tools and technology available today.

Consulting services aim to optimize your business operations and allow for the re-evaluation, improvement, and automation of your existing facilities.

In short, Cloud Consulting services:

  • Analyse various aspects of your existing software and business procedures
  • Identify the benefits of moving your business or software to the cloud 
  • Provides timeframes and price & complexity estimations  
  • Easy transition to further development stages

AWS specialist

AWS Provides an industry-standard, enterprise class platform that allows us to provide first-class affordable cloud services. Our team works directly with AWS facilities to ensure you have everything at your disposal without the hassle of dealing with multiple points of failure.Unified Computing allows you to take advantage of AWS – do the job right.


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